Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dealer ng D...

D. dolls. (and what were you thinking?) :)

Im doing inventory (naaks) on the doll(s) I have on stock, those scheduled for pre order, and those ready to be available in Manila soon when I realised that I havent posted anything on rumoured releases come next month and beyond.

Le Jardin de Maman (French for Mother Garden) is CWC's repro-version of Blythe Grand Prix (reads: hard core ito) 'Natural Category' winner 'Le Jardin de Maman' by Jobberwocks.

Here's an actual Picture of the winning doll:

and here is the promo picture (below). Aren't you a bit thankful they're releasing a more marketable (toned down) version of the doll? And aren't you just happy that the minimal LBD (little black dress) still tops the chart in fashion? :) Imagine lugging a picture frame on your skirt. hah! that's it...the butterflies got me.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some kindavah-bagay

Manika Updates:

Ah yes, they're here. After a near coronary, I was able to bring the girls home in Manila. To all those who ordered--thank you for your support, and hope you enjoyed 'em girls. Sa uulitin! (hindi ko na sasabihin kung sino sino yun, as I've decided to be discreet with my clients. Naaks. Manika lang yan ha! hehe. But really, some asked for non disclosure). While everyone placed their bets earlier on either Adorable Aubrey and Heather Sky (Heather was sold out 'on shelf', that night I came to pick up the pre ordered dolls--that's in less than 8 hours of release outside Japan. Taray), Winsome Willow turned to be a huge surprise. I'd have to say her promo material didn't do her any justice, much less the use of pink eye chips for her promo pictures. 

Now, not saying that the other two girls weren't that good looking as predicted. Aubrey was pale, chic and maldita-ish, and Heather was charmingly 'different' (note: it's not every month that Hasbro/Takara releases a dark skinned girl, so I'd say she's a keeper).  As I was telling gingmaganda--Heather just needs a change of clothes. heh. 

Now, back to Willow-- see? She's pretty naman pala, kayo talaga (picture below). :)

picture from silly lil' doe

And here is one of the many answers to the question 'what makes this doll so special?'

Blythe for McQ Alexander McQueen for Target

imagine a mini-me version of yourself. in nice fashionista clothes.
syet. aylavit.
(photos by minklet)


Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'll post more about this tomorow (kasi nagmamadali akong umalis ng office, may pinoy band na tutugtog sa SCAPE Youth Park (Orchard) memeyang 10:30--Sandwich daw ang pangalan*. hehe), but for the meantime:

*qualifier: Im a not fan. Si Jay--yuuun! yun ang fan. crush ko lang yung datin nilang vocalist, na nasa Kjwan na pala.



Pre order Pricing:

Php 5,000 per doll, pick up at Masuki Greenhills (ready by March 29). Special discount for set purchase (3 dolls).

Php 4,750 per doll + shipping fees, if you want the doll/s directly shipped to you, from Singapore (shipping rates in Singapore dollars, via Fed Ex Express (2 days shipping)).

How pre order works: Reserve a doll for Php 900 (or more): deductable to total amount, but non refundable), pay 50% balance by March 27, remaining 50% of total upon pick up/meet up.

Please note of price increase after release date (27 March).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pre order: Blythe Prima Dolly Series 4

(ze engrish from doll's official write up, not mine. hehe)

We are happy to welcome a new Prima Dolly series! They are very happy and cheerful girls, and their charming smiles brighten the room like the sunshine! Their names are "Adorable Aubrey," "Winsome Willow" and "Heather Sky."They all grew up in different countries and speak different languages, but their hearts are always one.They love and cherish nature and peace.They are very close friends, so they wear same dress with headbands in different colors.Even their sandals are the same design!

-Adorable Aubrey is arranged based on Aubrey. Her face mold is Radiance and Her skin type is Fair.
-Winsome Willow is Radiance with Natural skin type.
-Heather Sky is Radiance with dark skin like Roxy Baby.Their hair style is all long and straight.

(Becky NOTE: Dolls will be out by end of March. For Manila-based orders, I can either ship the doll (charges apply) or schedule for a meet up on late April. Price of dolls will change post-release date, pre order slots limited).